Project description

Cevko (Tubey) opens the door to children into a water world of adventures. And literally, because it replaces the classical structure of the website with the exploration of mysterious houses as a part of the urban infrastructure which invites them to explore – each of them hides interesting content enriched with videos, animation, audio and games ... When a child enters the room he intuitively slides through educational sets and interactively, from different perspectives, learns about the story of water and learns how to protect water sources with Cevko.

Target groups

Children, ages 8-12

Children’s parents

Educational workers in schools


Special Kudos 2015 (CSS Design Awards)

Special Mention (Awwwards)

Netko finalist 2013

WEBSi – Online Champion 2015

Netko Winner 2011

Cevko website

Main activities

Cevko.si signifies an attempt to understand the user habits of children, therefore it forsakes the typical menu structure and allows even the youngest users to access content via the gaming platform of entering into the city hall. A child simply selects an area house and explores the multimedia rich content, thus educating themselves on the significance of drinking water in our lives and learning about how to treat water resources responsibly, and last but not least they are recruited as a guardian of water resources. They have fun in different ways even with Cevko’s Song or before bedtime when they can listen to a fairy tale in bed.

Unified user experience

A few years ago, we set ourselves the challenge of educating even the youngest groups about the significance of water in our lives and to teach them how to become guardians of water resources. For this purpose we came up with a mascot – Cevko (Tubey) – which is a reflection of the JP VODOVOD-KANALIZACIJA company’s operations, a pipe conveying clean (blue Tubey) or waste (brown Tubey) water. We built Cevko a home in the form of a website that unifies numerous educational content, animations, video stories, games, quizzes, fairy tales and even his own song, and we integrated the children into the story with workshops at schools and kindergartens. We also prepared a video which touches viewers’ senses with the story of water, and it is also comprehensible even for the youngest children:


The updated website is the logical result of numerous activities. With the new user experience, we understand the child even better and integrate them into the water story intuitively, whereby everything adapts to different displays. It operates using responsive image design, however the user experience is optimized on a computer screen due to the video and animations. The demonstration is entirely adapted to Retina displays.

Cevko spletna stran
Cevko spletna stran
Cevko spletna stran
Cevko spletna stran

Solutions that bring results

The Special Kudos (CSS Design Awards) and Special Mention (Awwwards) international awards prove that the site has achieved excellent reviews on a global scale. 

With the updated website, we took a step forward along the path of intuitive research – we got rid of classic pop-up paths and took into account implemented research, leading the young children to the finish line through playing. Whereby we have not forgotten about even the smallest surprises, e.g. different day and night scene, occasional prize games, activities related to events... 

With a user experience adapted for children, we can entertain them for approximately 3:50 minutes, in which time they can review more than 6 pages and the quitting level is almost null (12%). The penetration is excellent – the majority of children in Ljubljana know and respect the messages and they spread them among adults. 



CSS Design awards


Netko winner




Netko finalist


Cevko website

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