Project name

Project description

The challenge is to present an intangible service, a Slovenian national domain, .SI, which has become the go-to choice of the target group's representatives. To raise awareness of the existence, role and power of the .SI domain through various communication channels that speak to target groups in various purchase processes, we have created »Sisian language« as the basis of the entire campaign.

We have »Sisified« television and Internet channels and have created a powerful visual recall of the campaign through light posters and web banners. Throughout the process we have been posing unobtrusive questions to our target group, answering them with a one liner, »Si means a lot, if it is after a dot«. We have been conveying that .SI is an essential choice for the specific target groups.

Target audience


active citizens, who see the .si domain as a new opportunity,


Main activities

TV commercials in Sisian language speak to the viewer and disrupt their routine to the extent that they pay attention to the brand, which, in case of sinchronistic Internet surfing, brings them to the homepage, where the Sisian language is explained and the advantages of the .SI domain are presented.

The website is very basic, with small advanced elements which guide the user to where they can check the availability of a domain. This is how we connect the user with the domain and prepare them for its active use. From here on, there is but a single step, which is to register. A special feature of the website speaks to each target group and meets their domain needs by answering their questions about it.

The Internet version of the videos for YouTube is somewhat longer as it wants to integrate the user into the story through a humorous moment. It offers three kinds of action: viewing a video without the Sisian language, checking domain availability, or sharing with friends.

Part of the campaign is the visually appealing light posters and web banners, which, according to the principle of »storyscaping«, do not show images of protagonists. Instead, they summon through the colour of the brand. This is how we do not rely on a single image to create an immediate »aha« moment that fades away in a week. Instead, we elicit surprise and a sense of discovery over and over again.


In following the principle of »storyscaping«, we have chosen quite a few campaign elements, which we have been artfully placing onto various advertising surfaces and thus adressing the target group, allowing it to create a need and realizing it online.


Since the beginning of the campaign, we have kept track of a very high rate of visitors to the website and, consequently, the development of a higher brand awareness among its target population. Marketing Magazin has named the campaign »This month's top campaign«.

Within a month we have noted as many as 48,000 views of the video advertisment for as long as 31 seconds into the advertisement on average (an average view lasts about 4 seconds), and we have attracted nearly 16,000 visitors, who have logged more than 60,000 page views. A low bounce rate (10%) and the fact that the users have viewed 3.62 out of the 4 pages on on average shows that the advertising speaks to the target audience very well and that it has attracted those who find the topic interesting to the website, leading them to explore the entire website. The uplifting campaign has simultaneously made a mark in the awareness of the Slovenian people with specific Sisian words, and thus it continues to live on until the next advertising moment.

The goal of the campaign is to maintain the number of leased out domains with the .si ending. The result of the campaign is an increasing number of leased out .si domains despite the declining number of leased out local domains in the wider region.

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