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Intours DMC

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DMC (Destination Management Company) offers foreign guests the ultimate experience at local destinations. Intours DMC, which successfully represents the Adria region, promises the same.

Using the highest forms of art such as music and dance, the company's values have been transferred to a digital environment. Thus, we have sent out a powerful emotional message to B2B target groups. In a very competitive international arena, where Slovenia and Croatia are not on the priority list, we wish to convince foreign organizers of events that we are the right partner and can create memorable experiences at unique destinations.

Target audience

International organizers
Tour operators


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Intours DMC

Main activities

The target group expects a memorable, one-of-a-kind, esthetically perfect, emotional, and impeccable organization of events. This promise is subtly fulfilled through the highest forms of art such as music and dance as perfections of daily routine.

Main KPIs:

  • Raising interest and differentiating the brand from its competition through a distinctive and audacious performance, as well as presenting two unique destinations.
  • Generating more contacts that will serve as a foundation for a personal approach to sales.
  • Longer retention of visitors to the web page (emphasis on the research phase).
  • Building a story line of surprises that convey that we are offerring the ultimate service that will astound time and again.
  • Achieving better SEO positions.


Design Thinking – Dance represents the perfection of esthetics, creating a unique, memorable story that moves the soul. This is why we are presenting the story through dance, thus intuitively connecting the necessary target groups with a reply of the Intours DMC team.

Content Features –Visitors are guided through a number of stories and dialogues that go along with the dance and music (»We Run DMC« etc.) and that emphasize the advantages of cooperation.

UX/UI –Precise details make the user experience soft and unbotrusive, which corresponds with the story of the dance. Strategically set gliding then takes genuinely interested visitors inside the funnel or process of generating business connections.

Intours DMC
Intours DMC
Intours DMC
Intours DMC


With a distinctive and audacious performance, we have raised interest and differentiated the brand from its competition, as well as presented two unique destinations. We have caught the interest of the users (4.67 pages per session) and led them to react to this difference with excitement. The visitors give us 3.15 minutes of attention, nearly 70% of visitors return to the web page, and we have reached leading SEO positions for keywords, which is now bringing quality leads to the Intours DMC counselling team.

The web page has been winning international awards and, in Slovenia, it is regarded as the best B2B online project of 2017.


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Intours DMC
Intours DMC

Our clients trust us big time and vice versa. We are determined to seek and find what's best, crazy, intelligent and smart for their crowd. Lucky and grateful.