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Primavoda encourages thinking about the importance of water and raises awareness of the need to protect this essential liquid.

Target audience

People of Ljubljana, ages 20-40
Education workers


Awwwards 2016 - Honorable Mention

CSS Design Awards 2016 - Special Kudos

Netko finalist 2017

Golden Diggit Award 2016

Netko winner in 2 categories 2012.


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Main activities

We oftentimes check the weather forecast, so we have integrated it with the air humidity and thus generated a fact on how much water we should drink that day. From here on, we guide people through VOKApedia, which is presented through an innovative form of the circular motion of water.


The modern, fluid, and integrated user experience, which offers all the relevant information on water in Ljubljana, conveys through subtle conceptual content the message that we should protect our water resources. The user is integrated in the water story through storyscaping, be it through a weather forecast connected to the daily water intake, through a number of interactive apps (e.g. average consumption, virtual water, water pathway, water fountains, water status etc.) or a number of water photographs and social networks.


In the context of activities of the Ljubljana– European Green Capital 2016 project, we expanded the campaign to classical media as well. We used promotional surfaces creatively: light showcases conveyed to passerbys messages that changed according to the day and night, we turned the city bus into a travelling oasis of peace, and integrated the walkers into the story of the brand through actions hashtagged as #Primavoda, which they saw in the city streets and on Instagram.


The campaign integrated target audience very efficiently and simultaneously drew the parallels between the stories in the field and on the Internet, where, during the campaign, we noted a 292% increase in page views on An average of 6.14 page views per session, which is well above the average, demonstrates that we have raised the interest. Since we have surpassed a merely passive message, we hope we have increased the awareness of people.

Netko winner 2012


Golden Diggit award 2016


CSS Design awards




WEBSi On-line Champion


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