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Project description

With the eSvet project, we are trying to bring the issue and the challenges of the future of energy of Slovenia, the EU and the world closer to the information and communication needs of target groups who, until the recent publication of the portal in the Slovene language, was not a user friendly, information rich, professionally credible and technologically perfected website about energy/energetics. eSvet provides expertly justified information about energy and energetics as well as being connected to daily activities that is also understandable to the general public and thus unobtrusively endeavors to establish energy literacy. 

Ciljne skupine

Citizens – consumers of electricity 

Educational institutions

The wider expert public, in/directly connected to energy

Non-governmental institutions and media 


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Main activities

  1. Strengthening the understanding of fundamental concepts related to energetics and subsequently encouraging responsible and argumented decision-making on the establishment of the future of energy.
  2. Strengthening the interest for energy and energetics, which is based on energy literacy.
  3. Increasing awareness about the present and the future significance of sustainable and renewable sources of energy for a reliable, safe, affordable and low-carbon supply of electricity.
  4. Presenting key energy projects and measures for the sustainable future of energy of Slovenia.

Unified user experience

For the purpose of this project, we developed a strategy of reaching the target public. We designed a comprehensive visual identity and united the story in the context of the advanced website which operates as a platform of contents on energy/energetics with a major emphasis on video and animated contents. We make sure that we understand the user and integrate them in the messages whereby we have adapted to different displays. The website operates using responsive graphics, however the user experience is optimized for a computer screen due to the video and animations. spletna stran spletna stran telefon spletna stran telefon spletna stran mobile

Solutions that bring results

The website has been internationally awarded with the Special Kudos (CSS Desing Awards) certificate. We designed it as a combination of video, animated, image and content components and thus convince even those to whom this topic is not in the forefront of interest to explore and learn. We guide the visitor through worlds of energy where we present otherwise professional topics in a user-friendly and understandable language, and whenever possible, enriched with interactions. 

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