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Project description (My Choice) as a unique search platform in the role of an excellent adviser serves up the most important information about occupations and education in Slovenia. The specialty of this project is in the achieved level of interoperability between different public budget users, whereby it is the benefit of the user to find everything in one place. The user experience is completely adapted to its target group, and the information is useful and helpful in making a career choice.

Target groups

Elementary schoolchildren in their last triad

Education counsellors

Parents who advise their children in choosing an occupation

Institutions which implement programmes


WEBSi Best Project 2015

WEBSi On-line Champion 2015

Golden Diggit award 2015

Netko winner 2014

Netko finalist 2014 (2 x)

Moja izbira website

Main activities

The search platform operates as a consultant to elementary schoolchildren in their last triad (it combines all the most necessary information), to education counsellors (tools, materials and instructions) and parents who advise their children on choosing an occupation (information network with advice).

It assists with data which are presented to the user in a simple and surveyable manner and combined through the five key national institutions and more than one hundred secondary schools – the user only enters their desired needs into the search box and allows themselves to be led to the key information.

Unified user experience

We make sure that we understand the user and integrate them into the story of the brand, whereby we have adapted it to different displays. It operates using responsive image design, however the user experience is optimized on a computer screen due to the video and animations.

Moja izbira website
Moja izbira website
Moja izbira mobile website
Moja izbira website

Solutions that bring results has become a de facto central point for information regarding career orientation. It differs from other typical digital products in the public sector, since in accordance with the actual needs of users it combines contents from several sources (the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Institute for Adult Education, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Employment Service of Slovenia, information about secondary schools). With the renewal, the level of quitting dropped from 58% to 9%, and the time of viewing was increased by 67% which indicates understanding of the user (we also received numerous commendations).

The professional industry has awarded the portal as the best on-line project in 2015 (WEBSi) and also with the Golden Diggit Award and the Netko acknowledgement in three categories (winner in the category for digital performance of national and public administration and finalist in the categories of the most children-friendly content and media and informative projects).

Netko zmagovalec 2014


Websi 2015 winner


Netko finalist 2014


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Moja izbira website
Moja izbira website

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