Project description is an interactive tool which changes the organisation of marriage into a fun adventure.

The future newlyweds review photographs of recently married couples and wedding service providers and place the ones they like into the Dream Room where a wish board of their dream wedding is created. The can comment on the latter with their friends, present it to the wedding planner or they can contact the selected providers themselves.

Married couples are provided with a presentation of their wedding free of charge, and the providers are given an innovative platform to present their products in pictures which provides them with feedback regarding their likeability by the visitors.

Target groups

Primarily: couples who are planning their wedding 

Secondarily: recently married couples


SOF Silver Award 2015 

PoMP – the Best Digital Media 2014 

WEBSi – Online Champion 2014

The best entrepreneurial idea 2013/2014 (nomination) 

Netko Winner 2013 (2 x)

Main activities in an innovative manner connects couples who are planning their wedding with newlyweds and wedding service providers.

The future newlyweds access a comprehensive review of the wedding offer in an innovative manner which meaningfully combines supply and demand, thus from the aspect of the provider as well as the consumer, intertwined with likes and recommendations. It stimulates the conceptual phase, and via the Dreaming Room, unobtrusively moves it to the purchase phase.

Married couples access the platform where they can post the most beautiful moments of their vows free of charge and at the same time they can recommend trustworthy providers of wedding services.

From a provider’s perspective, this means a leading wedding platform where leasing an advertising space steps into the background, and obtaining related married couples and collecting likes which indicates popularity and substantial marketing through a blog is rewarded.

Unified user experience

We make sure that we understand the user and integrate them into the story of the brand, whereby we have adapted it to different displays.

Solutions that bring results, with the Dream Room, constitutes a niche community which innovatively intertwines supply and demand in picture, and establishes a “fun” element of wedding planning with sticky elements of competitiveness and emotions.

It understands the target groups and their needs, therefore places photographs at the forefront, whereas the substantive part is placed into the secondary role of advice and recommendations.

SOF Silver Award  2015


POMP 2014 the Best Digital Media


WEBSi – Online Champion 2014


Netko Winner 2013


The best entrepreneurial idea 2013/2014 (nomination)

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